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Vintage Heuer Super Film-Master Ref.752.936 62mm stopwatch #1

750.00 (excl. VAT)

A  vintage Super Film-Master Heuer stopwatch. Absolutely rare because of the massive plastic case. Perfect condition. Like new. Left side trigger. Looks great in the car combined with a right side trigger 2nd one.

SUPER FILM-MASTER. Records full 60 sec. and 0-60 min. on inside black division. Red outside scale indicates consumed 35mm film from 1-90 ft. Middle division indicates total film footage of 90 ft. per minute up to 5400 ft. for 60 min. Framespeed 24 pict./sec. 2 crown functions with time-out and locked return. 7 jewels. Shockprotected.

Diameter: 62mm
Year of production: 1971

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